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"I had a 1967 Morgan Plus 4 that was in need of a new paint job. The paint that was on the car was popping, chipping and was in all round bad shape. I went to a body shop I had used for collision repair and they told me they do not repaint old cars. I asked a large body shop in Greensboro for a price to repaint it and they told me a staggering number, twice what I ended up paying at Maverick Auto Body. I happened to search online for places to paint classic cars and Maverick popped up so I went by there on my way home. I pulled in, showed Gary the car and got a price. I dropped it off the next day to start. It was quite an intensive job and took 3.5 weeks. I wanted to jump in and assist in the tear down and they were more than accommodating in allowing me to. I'm very happy with the results. I took pictures from start to finish and I will provide them to Maverick so they can show their great work. Getting a classic car painted is difficult, so many thanks to them for their hard work and willingness to work on this project." View Before & After Photos

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Classic Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Maverick Auto Body located near downtown Greensboro offers reliable classic car restoration, maintenance and auto detailing for all makes and models.

Keeping your classic car or truck clean and looking its best can take a lot of work time. The tools, products and materials we use to clean our cars can also cost a lot of money. That is why we love any tips and tricks that help us to do a job better.

Here are a few cleaning hacks we know that work pretty well for us when cleaning classic cars that save time and money. The first four are tool tips and alternatives and the remaining are all makeshift products and materials you can use.

Brush & Vacuum
To really get the dust out of your car you must remove it rather then just stir it up and on to other surfaces. We suggest using a paintbrush or makeup brush to get the dust out of small spaces like your air vents. Have the vacuum hose right next to the area you are working on so you can vacuum the dust away as soon as it is brushed.  The vacuum is a must, without it you’re just moving the dirt from one area to another.

When you need to deep clean all the crevices in your vehicle Q-tips are one of the best tools to use. Not only are they very inexpensive, but they really hold detergents, solvents and other cleaning agents well. They are perfect for the areas that a cleaning cloth just cannot reach easily. The majority of detail professionals use Q-tips to make their job much easier.

Another priceless detailing tool is a toothbrush. Sometimes you might need to scrub dirt out of these tight crevices and a Q-Tip just isn’t strong enough. An inexpensive toothbrush can really do the trick. They work great for scrubbing dashboards and leather without scratching the surfaces. It is also a reusable tool so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

A toothbrush is a great detailing tool and toothpaste has its benefits too. Toothpaste can be used to remove the haze and scratches from headlights. All you need to do is liberally apply toothpaste to the headlights, rub it in a little, wait a few minutes and then rinse it off. The toothpaste will help to temporarily make your headlights shine like new.

Olive Oil
Olive oil is a great natural substitute for leather conditioner. Remember that a little goes a long way! Simply put a small amount of olive oil on a clean cloth and rub the cloth on the leather seat and work the oil in. We recommend that  you use a dry towel to help wipe up and excess oil and dry off the leather so that your clothes and seats don’t get greasy.

Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol helps to extend the overall life of your windshield wipers and is also great for cleaning them. If you notice that your wipers have any grime or are smearing water, apply a generous amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean rag and apply to the windshield wipers. All windshield wipers need to be replaced at some point, but rubbing alcohol can help them to stay clean and work their best.

You want to really make your dash shine? Put down the Armour-All and grab the Vaseline. Petroleum jelly will also help to protect your dashboard from drying out and cracking. This stuff is super cheap and some believe it works better than most of the expensive dashboard cleaners.

Club Soda
People usually think of club soda to get stains out of their clothing and house hold carpet, but did you ever think of using it on your car’s interior? Club soda really does the job. No matter if it’s an old stain or a new one club soda is an amazing stain fighter.

Vinegar has a lot of amazing properties. Especially when it comes to cleaning. One of the best uses of vinegar is for cleaning glass windows. Add a little vinegar to some dishwasher detergent and it will work wonders on all your windows.

We talked earlier about the clothespin air fresheners, but those scents only cover up the odors, they don’t remove them. That is where charcoal comes in. If you have any strong odors in your car, try putting a few pieces of charcoal under your seat. Charcoal is good at absorbing foul odors.

Dark soda like cola can be used to remove small rust stains. Even more stubborn rust can be removed with a combination of cola and steel wool. Rub the cola on the rust stain in a circular motion and you’ll be surprised how the rust diapers.

Maverick Auto Body offers expert auto detailing packages to any customer whether you have a new car or a classic, we’re here to help.Classic Car Detailing